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    SurviMate Water Filter Bottle

    Water Filter Bottle

    Item No.: K8618

    SurviMate Water Filter Straw (K8612S)

    Water Filter Bottle

    Item No.: K8636

    SurviMate Water Filter Straw (K8612)

    Water Filter Pump

    Item No.: K8187

    SurviMate Water FiIlter Pump

    Water Filter Straw

    Item No.: K8612

    SurviMate Water FiIlter Pump

    Water Filter Straw

    Item No.: K8612S

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  • FAQ

    When to change the filter?

    You don't need to guess when to change the filter, as the cartridge will just shut down when its lifespan will be over.

    How many gallons does it can filter?

    Normally, the filter capacity is same as indicated on specification. But it's also depends on how dirty does the water you filter.

    How to clean the filter? (Applicable for K8618)?

    1. Take the perforated cap off from the bottom of filter

    2. Flush UF membrane (white silk yarn you can see) by tap water for few seconds

    3. Spin-dry the filter by hand

    4. Store filter in cool and dry place

    How to clean the filter? (Applicable for K8187)?

    1. Pry small plastic cross piece out.

    2. Take the dirty PP cotton out & put a new one.

    3. Put small plastic cross piece back to it.

    K8612 & K8612S are not washable.

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    Our brand is SurviMate, the products we sell are personal water filters for outdoor use. Our brand-oriented products are for outdoor use. We supply outdoor emergency water purifiers for outdoor, personal water filter for hiking, camping and more. We will provide customers with quality products, we can guarantee the quality of products and 30 days free return service, ready to provide customers with answers to questions and so on.

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